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Town of Fries E-Payment Service

Pay your Taxes and Utilities in-office or online with a debit or credit card!

Tax Credit Card Convenience Fee-- 2.5%
Tax Debit Card Convenience Fee--1.5%
Utilities Credit and Debit Card Convenience Fee--2.5%
**Minimum Fee is $2.95**

E-Check Flat Rate Fee--$1.50

Use the following link to  pay online:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express & E-Check Accepted

Payments can also by made by using the payment drop in the Town Hall door or by mail to :   Town of Fries, PO Box 452, Fries, VA 24330

Grayson County Real Estate Tax Relief for the Elderly/Disabled
Grayson County offers Real Estate Tax Relief for Elderly/Disabled taxpayers. If you are elderly (65 or over) or on full disablility and you own your home and live there full time and have a household income of less than $27,500 and a net worth (not counting the dwelling and one acre of land) of less than $90,000, then you may qualify for help on your real estate taxes.

Commissioner of the Revenue Larry Bolt will be at the Fries Town Hall on Thursday, June 20, 2019 from 10:00am until 1:00pm to receive applications. If anyone thinks that they might qualify, then stop by Fries on the 20th or contact the Commissioner's Office anytime at 276-773-2381.

Building and Zoning Fees
:  If you plan to install a storage building, build on to your home, etc.,  you are required to submit plans to the Town of Fries and obtain a zoning approval letter BEFORE purchasing your building permit from the Grayson County Building Inspector's Office.  Zoning Letter Fee is $10.00. Please contact Town Hall  at
(276) 744-2231 for more information.

**Beginning July 1, 2014**

New Meals Tax Rate -- 6%
New Transient Occupancy Rate -- 5%
Zoning Letter Fee -- $10.00


Transient Occupancy Taxes and Meals Taxes are due monthly on the 20th.
 Avoid penalties and file on time.

 The Fries Cemetery Committee is trying to raise funds for some much needed maintenance work at the Fries Cemetery.
If you would like to make a donation, please mail to:

Fries Cemetery Committee
PO Box 974
Fries, VA 24330

***Fries Town Hall is closed every Wednesday at 11am.***

Town Council Meetings  are held the first Tuesday night of each month at 7pm. Located in the Fries Community Center Dining Room.

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